Chinese Times newspaper

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The Chinese Times newspaper was published in Vancouver daily from 1914 to 1992; it covered both local information and news about China and Asia generally. Totalling about 250,000 pages, this collection covers many important moments in the history of Vancouver’s Chinese community, from early immigration struggles to the establishment of a thriving home base near Vancouver’s downtown. As the longest-running newspaper in the largest Chinese community in Canada, the Chinese Times was uniquely situated to reflect the adaptation of immigrants to Canada. Including their participation in World War I and II, their struggle against the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1923 (repealed in 1947), the hardships of the Depression and ongoing racism, as well as the organizational power of the Chinese community to work together in these circumstances.

The Chinese Times was published by the Chinese Freemasons Society of Canada, a self-help organization that continues to work to improve community life for Vancouver’s Chinese immigrants. The entire run of this newspaper has been digitized and is available for browsing and searching in Chinese.

This collection contains issues dating from 1914 to 1992.

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